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Monday, 27 December 2010

Lindemans Chardonnay, Sydney Cove, 2009

Ripe, tropical Aussie Chardie with exotic fruits and some buttery, toasty oak and butterscotch - job done !

There's nothing not to like here - it's technically well-made and balanced; easy enough to quaff but with a bit of body and acidity to have with food such as fish or chicken.

There's no great complexity or length, but it's juicy and gluggable - a safe party wine or reliable gift for someone you don't really know that well (which is how it ended up in the CWB household).

After a Christmas of trying some rather good wines, sometime you just want something simple and predictable - the oenological equivalent of a fish-and-chip supper after some haute cuisine.

The full list price of £5.99 from Tesco is a little toppy - you can get something much more interesting from a local wine merchant at this price range - but like so many branded, mass-market antipodean wines, price is just another promotional tool and the Tesco website currently has this on special offer at £22.80 per case of 6 (equivalent to £3.80 per bottle).


This wine at Tesco - http://www.tesco.com/wine/product/details/default.aspx?N=8130+8117&rView=-8049&id=259290498

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