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Blog principles and samples policy

This is a non-commercial, not-for-profit blog and all opinions expressed are personal and are those of me, Tom Lewis. As I do put quite a bit of time and effort into writing these articles, all original writings are copyrighted by Tom Lewis 2009-2015

Disclosure policy:

I began this blog as a record of wines I had purchased myself; from late 2010 onwards, I began reviewing samples and accepting press invitations. I make every effort to note this in the text, but occasionally I forget, so if in doubt, assume it's a sample / press pass.

An exception to this is the Wine of The Month column which runs on this blog, on City Connect and is broadcast as a radio programme on Cambridge 105's Flavour - for which all wines are provided for review whether indicated explicitly or not.

Tasting notes of wines may be reproduced for commercial reasons as 'fair use', provided that attribution to Tom Lewis and The Cambridge Wine Blogger site (http://cambridgewineblogger.blogspot.com/) is made.

Otherwise all rights are reserved, and no other part of this web site may be reproduced, stored or transmitted by any means without the prior permission of Tom Lewis.

Label images are reproduced on Cambridge Wine Blogger as 'fair use'.