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Saturday 9 February 2013

On Sediment, Wining and Dining

If we define wine bloggers as "self-published writers about wine on the internet", then that covers everything from Jancis Robinson with her team of writers and paywall site, to the person who has a bottle of wine for Sunday lunch, photographs it on his iphone and writes a few lines about it as a review.

In the middle are various types of amateur and semi-professional wine bloggers - who may or may not get sent regular samples and invitations to trade events as a journo.

However, there are also professional journos who write about wine as a sideline hobby - some have merely an interest in wine whilst others may be professionally qualified.

What sets them all apart, though, is the quality of the writing and thinking - compared to those of us who have never written for a living.

One of my current favourite wine blogs is Sediment; it's low on dry technical stuff and high on anecdote and observation - in a quirky, edgy and dryly cutting sort of way.

Like the best wines, it is well-structured and complex yet also appealing.

Its authors, known only as CJ and PK and describing themselves as "Two gentlemen and their mid-life terroirs", turn out to be not just professional writers but published authors, each with several books to their name.

And now they have a new one - written under the name of Sediment: Wining and Dining - the Sediment Guide to Wine and the Dinner-Party is an ebook short, which costs less than a glass of wine. Less than a SMALL glass of wine, they say.

CJ and PK describe it as "eight original essays, in our inimitable style, offering typically idiosyncratic advice about every aspect of wine at that most daunting social occasion."

There’s an introduction to the book in their blog and you and you can find the book on Amazon.

I can't tell you any more about the book itself because they didn't bother to send me a review copy. However, another (also professional) writer whom I very much admire, Henry Jeffreys, said "they didn't send me a copy either so I splurged £1.99 Money well spent "

In any case, because I enjoy their blog so much, I readily agreed to give it a mention here.

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