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Wednesday 27 February 2013

The Last Pavitt's Pie‏

And don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got til it's gone

"Big Yellow Taxi", Joni Mitchell (1970)

With the announcement this week from Carri Pavitt that she is giving up her Pavitt's Pies business, the realisation sank in that I now have eaten my last-ever Pavitt's Pie.

More than your average steak-and-kidney, Carri's pies won awards and were pretty much the best pastry-encased food I have ever eaten.

A Year of Eating Pies

I first reviewed the pies in July, in November, I got a sneak preview of her Moonshine Porter pie and in January this year, I arranged for her to present to the Cambridge Food and Wine Society.

I haven't had had the chance to chat to Carri and find out what prompted her decision, but I know it was not the easiest of lifestyles; for Mill Road Winter Fair, she cooked through the night then ran her stall all the following day. In the freezing cold.

It is, however, a timely reminder of how difficult it is to run a small business and how easily something we're used to having around can cease to be there.

I'd like to suggest that it would be an appropriate gesture to think about whatever shops or businesses you feel are important to you and make a point of visiting them this weekend.

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Main image credit: Jean-Luc Benazet Photography

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