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Monday 3 September 2018

Gosnells of London - Mead

A modern take on an ancient drink from Gosnells of London

Part medieval, part hipster, mead is set to be the Next Big Thing - especially amongst those of a Bearded Disposition who "do" Craft Products.

If mead makes you think of men in tights running around with swords and drinking from goblets then you've not yet met the eponymous Tom Gosnell.

Urban, clean shaven and devoid of (visible) tattoos, Tom was introduced to craft mead on a trip to the US East Coast in 2012; by 2015, he was winning awards as a "mazer" (mead producer - do keep up).

Mead dates back around 9,000 years and in its purest form is made from honey, water and naturally-occurring yeasts, but like "sherry" or "curry" it is more a category than a specific product; it can be sweet or dry, fully-fermented or topped up with spirit, flavoured or not.

Gosnells mead is distinctly modern in style - light, dry and clean; it is fermented for three weeks, lending some complexity.

Gosnells Mead (£12.50 for 75cl, 5.5% alcohol - available at independents and online at Gosnells) fresh, clean, floral and citrussy with a flavour of orange blossom and beeswax; light, elegant and dry with a slight fizz.

A light easy-drinker, sip in the garden or as a different take on an aperitif;

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