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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Garçon Wines

Wine in a flat-pack bottle - from Garçon Wines

Wine is something of a conservative, old-fashioned business - each region has its own grapes, quality standards and labelling etiquette.

One of the few standard things about wine is that it is - generally - sold in 75cl bottles. And yet even these are bulky, brittle and awkward.

Step forward Garçon Wines who have designed a flexible flat-pack bottle to fit through the letter box and that won't break when it drops on the doormat, so you do not need to be at home for deliveries.

It's one of those ingenious solutions that make you wonder why no-one thought of it before.

And what of the wine itself?

Garçon Wines was set up by wine lover Joe Revell and serial entrepreneur Santiago Navarro who was responsible for Vinopic Wines. I was very impressed with Vinopic's wines (they were tested for technical quality by both a Professor and Master of Wine) but I felt their communications did not do justice to this.

For Garçon wines, they have enlisted the help of another MW who brings 15 years of experience in wine making, buying and retailing as well as an MBA in marketing.

Garçon Wines Tempranillo Carinena expressive with ripe-yet-fresh dark berry and bramble fruit, spice and supple, rounded tannins, with a slightly porty finish; well-made, it both drinks nicely straight out of the bottle and improves with a bit of aeration.

Match with roast red meat, such as lamb with rosemary or beef with horseradish.

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