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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Barbecue Rosés from Virgin Wines

Two very different barbecue rosés from Virgin Wines

Barbecue food can be tricky to match with wine - pickles, relishes, sauces and charred, meaty foods do not go well with the subtle, nuanced flavours of complex wines.

So, where the event requires you to lead with the food and let the wine to pick up things afterwards, you can go one of two ways. Virgin Wines have addressed both options.

Go Neutral
If you just want a bland, pleasant palate cleanser, this neutral fresh, inoffensive Aussie pink is perfect.

16 Little Black Pigs Rose 2017 (£8.99)  pleasant, neutral and inoffensive with some soft red fruits followed by a bit of freshness, spice and minerality. Well-made and quaffable with a reasonable finish.

Will refresh the palate after strong barbecue foods.

Go Big
Alternately, you can Go Big and find something that will not only stand up to strong foods, but positively demands to be quaffed with grilled meat drenched in a sweet, sharp, sticky sauce.

This Zin rosé feels more constructed than made - it is Joan Collins in a power suit with shoulder pads, a blow wave and full-on make-up.

Big Top White Zinfandel Rose 2017 (£7.99) Big, American personality with sweet watermelon and strawberry fruit; like Joan, there is some class and depth underneath.

Will stand up to relishes and barbecue sauce.

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