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Monday, 24 September 2018

DJ's Cold Infusion Pockets

A new addition to your cocktail accessory collection

DJ's Cold Infusion Pockets are, if you will, tea bags for cocktails and mocktails; pre-blended mixtures of botanicals, blossoms, rooibos and tropical fruits in a bag for infusing into any drink of your choice, be it a neutral spirit, such as vodka, or non-alcoholic alternatives such as soda or tonic water.


If life's too short - or space too tight - to keep stocks of base spirits, flavourings, bitters, mixers, garnishes and other ingredients as well as shakers and strainers and those little mini-umbrellas, you will find a box of these much easier to work with.

This is the really easy bit - you know how to make a cup of tea, right? Well, this is much the same, but without the need for a kettle. Just pop the tea bag (aka "cold infusion pocket") into a glass about a third full. Leave to infuse for a few moments and then top up with mixer and ice (and a bit more spirit if it's going to be that sort of party).

Does it actually work? Is it nice?

This is the key test and fortunately, the answer is yes on both counts. The tea bags - sorry, cold infusion pocket - need only a minute or two to work and each one will gently flavour several medium-sized servings of your favourite tipple.

Stirring Botanicals adds fruits, liquorice and bitterness, Summer Equinox is full of gentle berry fruit and Blooming Blossoms is delicate, floral and perfumey.

The only thing you have to worry about is the appropriate spirit-to-mixer ratio - which I find is actually harder than it sounds.

Anything else?

DJ's also do a cold infusion pocket spoon - not quite as ridiculous as it sounds (it's a spoon, after all) it has a little groove on the back to hold the label in place and keep the bag under control.
How much?

£9.99 for a pack of 10, or £89.00 for a 10-box pack. £7.99 for the spoon - via the website: https://coldinfusion.co.uk/shop/.

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