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Friday, 23 September 2011

Slovenia's Gomila at Boutique Wineries

Slovenia is a country that seems to have come almost out of nowhere onto the wine scene.

A year ago, Slovenian wine was not on the radar and the last time I had had it was over a decade ago on a business trip to Ljublana where I was somewhat underwhelmed as I was left gurning at its harsh acidity.

But with a listing at Waitrose and Naked Wines now selling Slovenian wines, suddenly the country is the new kid on the oenological block.

As a big fan of Austrian wines, for me the most interesting part of Slovenia is Štajerska which, political borders notwithstanding, shares the same terroir as Austria's Styria, with high altitude and cooling breezes providing a long, cool growing season and a fossil shelf subsoil that gives a distinct smokiness.

The Gomila Exclusive Sauvignon Blanc 2010 (£12), sampled at the Boutique Wineries tasting,  had an aromatic smokey nose and lively, focused crisp acidity with varietal gooseberry and elderflower and a piercing finish.

The Exceptional 2010 (£13) had a more rounded feel, with greater minerality on the palate, linear acidity and a more composed finish.

To finish off, I tried something quite different - a Muscat Ottonel demi-sec sparkling (£15); crisp, elegant and light, it is well-made and refreshing with distinctive grapey, Muscat aromas.

Recommended Wine

Slovenia's Štajerska is fast becoming a viable value alternative to Styria for those who appreciate its crisp, linear, aromatic whites.

The best wine here was the Exceptional Sauvignon.

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Gomila - http://www.gomilawines.com/

UK distributor: Harlington Wine - http://www.harlingtonwine.com/

Boutique Wineries - http://www.boutique-wineries.co.uk/

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