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Thursday 13 January 2011

A momentous day - or not‏

Woke up as usual this morning. I don't ... feel any different; technically, my age won't start with a "4" for a few more hours yet, but I am mentally counting it down, a bit like New Year.

Just before I leave, my wife comes downstairs to wish me happy birthday; I tell her it's still 90 minutes too early.

Text my parents on the train from Cambridge to London - Mum texts back later with some humorous and slightly icky, but warming, memories of my birth.

I miss the moment itself as I am in a briefing session with our lawyers - copyright issues and the Royal Wedding. I can say "Royal Wedding" here but I mustn't (and hereby declare that I do not) imply any endorsement by a Royal, however minor.

In a section on use of Royal seals, I wonder about fair usage rights for a product shot with a Royal warrant, but decide it's too obscure a question to ask. However, I do make contact with someone from the drinks industry and we exchange cards.

Have some more philosophical thoughts on the tube back to the office; what will my 5th decade hold, where will I be on my 50th birthday ?

I don't believe in resolutions as such, if you need to do something, do it. And yet I feel the need to have a focus, a goal as I start my next decade.

It eventually comes to me - this will be the decade of my children's formative years; focus on being a parent.

The rest of the day is routine - start drafting budgets, work on the board pack, write up some training session notes.

But, I put these thoughts down here, like a Blue Peter time capsule, vowing to come back to them on my 50th birthday and show my kids what Dad wrote.

With love to cj and YM.

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