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Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Guest Post on Pavitt's Pies

A few weeks ago, Dan de la Mare-Lyon won my pie of the month competition and received some hand-delivered Pavitt's Pies from Carri Pavitt - here he tells me what he thought of them.
The Pies!

So, after a few hectic weeks of work, Carri kindly dropped off the "whole family friendly" selection. We went for the Mushroom, Onion and Thyme, and the Cheese and Onion (having a veggie wife and always being on the look-out for new stuff to try it seemed a good plan).

Carri kindly knocked back the seasoning a little in the Cheese and Onion as my wife isn't hugely fond of overly-peppery dishes.

Both pies looked fantastic, and bit thanks to Carri for dropping them off. We kept it simple, pies, lightly roasted charlotte potatoes (done in an air-fryer so they don't take up any fat) and fresh veg.

I was expecting to need two wines to pair with the "meatiness" of the mushroom pie, when compared to the cheese and onion, but I was it seems wrong.

I'd got a Chablis on standby for something light to accompany the cheese (as with caramelised onions it could take on quite an onion edge, and I find crisp whites are a nice contrast to the sweeter oniony edge - but I was pleasantly surprised in that one wine I think worked well with both pies, and the rich chocolate pudding that followed afterwards.

In keeping with the uncomplicated but delicious ingredients in the pies, and the simple but fresh nature of everything, the bottle of Virgile Joly Merlot (Naked Wines) was what I was thinking would pair well with the mushroom pie. I was impressed however, that it complemented the cheese and deliciously caramelised onions just perfectly too with the cheese taking a cheeky grin though after the initial sweet edge of the onions.

Lovely pies, a very nice light and fruity Merlot (that I'd not had before and was a recommended choice after my last order). The slightly spicy edge of the Merlot balanced nicely with the meaty mushrooms and fragrant edge of the thyme, as well as complementing the cheese and sweet onions nicely.

Yum. Thumbs up from me. Might have to get the same two again and try with something else now!


Pavitt's Pies - http://www.pavittspies.co.uk/

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