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Monday 1 October 2012

Park Lane Champagne

The name Park Lane Champagne evokes an upmarket image with its connotations of the London street that skirts one side of Hyde Park populated by expensive hotels and dealerships for luxury supercars.

The reality is that the company actually specialises in personalised gifts and sporting tie-ins, and they sent me a bottle of their entry-level gift wine for review.

This Le Ruisselet Chardonnay costs £13:50 and comes from VdP L'Aude.

It is actually a blend of Chardonnay and the obscure Chasan grape which even my friend Rob Tebeau who writes about obscure grapes on his FringeWine blog had never heard of.

There's no oak and it weighs in at a light 12.5%.

Neutral on the nose, the palate shows some good fresh, citrus acidity; it's pleasant and versatile - drinkable and inoffensive, there is nothing to get overly excited about here, but then again nothing wrong with it either.

To me it feels like a £5 wine that has been bought to a very tight budget, albeit by someone who knows their stuff.

What's there is good and there's nothing bad about it - it's just rather basic and unexciting.

The same money spent at a good merchant could get you a really interesting bottle of wine, so buy this for someone who will appreciate the personalisation - mine came with the header to my blog on the label, which was a nice touch, I thought.

£13:50; provided for review.


Park Lane Champagne - http://www.parklanechampagne.co.uk/

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