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Monday 3 September 2012

Le Coin, Bordeaux 2010 - Laithwaites‏

This Le Coin Bordeaux blanc from Laithwaites is somewhat unusual in being made from 100% Sauvignon Gris, an obscure clonal mutation of Sauvignon Blanc - a fact which turns out to be the most interesting things about this wine.

A sandy colour in the glass, on the nose there are citrus, lightly herbaceous and melon aromas.

The palate is full and ripe, with a touch of buzziness from gentle oaking.

So far, so alright.

Sadly, it all goes completely wrong on the finish; the acidity feels harsh and unpleasant and, ironically, hangs around for quite a while, rather like a house guest reluctant to leave.

Not cheap and one to avoid.

£9.49 from Laithwaites; provided for review.


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