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Sunday 10 April 2011

Crusan Colombard-Sauvignon, VdP Côtes de Gascogne

On the first hot day of spring last week, we had our company awayday in a chic and ubercool hotel in Bermondsey, in the redeveloped and newly-trendy SE1 area of London.

We started the day drinking coffee on a low balcony overlooking a square of handsome Georgian townhouses opposite some funky modern low-rise mixed-use buildings designed by East Architects.

After the morning presentations were over, we went downstairs to the hotel's restaurant for lunch with a glass of wine.

Mentally shuddering when I saw the label indicating it was a Colombard from Gascony - I had a bad experience with a Laithwaite's one recently (see here) - I decided to approach with caution.

Gascony is an ill-defined corner of south west France, historically inhabited by the Basque people and forever associated with the romance of d'Artagnan and Cyrano de Bergerac as well as providing a land of holiday homes for northern Europeans who appreciate Gascony's green rolling hills, sunny weather, and occasional distant views of the Pyrenees.

Rolling Gascon countryside
 The Gers department from where this wine originates is historically more associated with Armagnac than table wine - in both cases, however, the main grape is Colombard whose main claim is that it manages to retain at least some acidity in the heat of a Gascon summer.

This wine, a blend of Colombard and Sauvignon, fermented at low temperature in stainless steel tanks and bottled young, has all the crisp acidity and herbaceousness on the nose that you would expect.

Straight from the bottle, it is slightly harsh on the finish, but after a few swirls in the glass it starts to open out, becoming more rounded and mouthfilling on the palate, with white stone fruit, and a good minerally finish

A quick search on the internet shows that it is available more as a pub / restaurant wine, being included on several wine lists, but not generally sold retail other than through everywine.co.uk at the fairly reasonable price of £44.95 per case of 6 (£7.50 per bottle).


This wine on everywine.co.uk - http://www.everywine.co.uk/wine.store/Products/Crusan-Colombard-Sauvignon-Blanc-Vin-de-Pays-Cotes-de-Gascogne-57447/Show.html

The Bermondsey Square Hotel - http://www.bermondseysquarehotel.co.uk/

East Architects - http://www.east.uk.com/

For more details on the renovation of Bermondsey Square, see this article - http://www.dexigner.com/news/17961

Picture credits

Bermondsey Square image - http://www.dexigner.com/news/17961

Gascon countryside - from Wikipedia, contributer Jibi44

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