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Saturday 12 March 2022

Yalumba Y Series

Y drink anything else?  Yalumba's Y Series range of wines

Yalumba ‘Y Series’ wines are for everyone to enjoy and explore. A range of different varieties, at an affordable price point, to experiment and discover. Refreshing, fruit-driven wines from a trusted family-owned winery, created with the lightest of touch, allowing the natural varieties to sing. Authentically crafted with fruit from South Australia’s most celebrated wine regions.

Artwork, by South Australian artist, Cindy Durant, on the Y Series wine labels, depict a layer of the vineyards from sun to soil to wind.

All vegan friendly, 100% wild fermented, and sustainably produced to create an approachable, medium bodied style.

Yalumba believes that one good wine leads to another. The Y Series was created with this in mind, so pick up a bottle or two and share a love of wine.

Details from Yalumba (scroll down further for my tasting notes)

Y Series Riesling 

The Y Series Riesling is fun, aromatic and refreshingly crisp. A white wine with classic Riesling floral aromas of citrus and generous flavours of grapefruit, citrus pith and green apple and a vibrant acidity. The grapes were harvested in the cool of the night to help retain the lovely aromatics for which Riesling is famous.

This is a wine that can handle some heat, try it with Jamaican jerk chicken or Sri Lankan vegetable curry, or simply enjoy with cucumber sandwiches or fresh cooked prawns and lime aioli.

The Y Series Riesling label depicts the gum leaf. Gum leaves represent Yalumba’s commitment to the natural environment and to biodiversity, whereby for every hectare of vineyard they own, at least one hectare is dedicated to native vegetation.

Y Series Viognier 

Louisa Rose is one of Australia's most respected winemakers and chief winemaker at Yalumba for more than 20 years. She knows a thing or two about Viognier. This award-winning wine is on the fresher, lighter end of the Viognier spectrum.

It shows all the unique characteristics of this exotic variety, without being too rich on the palate. Fresh, light and creamy, with notes of orange blossom, fresh ginger and hints of honeysuckle. Delicious with Harissa chicken or crispy pancakes with potato and chickpeas.

The Y Series Viognier label depicts a healthy vine representing Yalumba’s winemaking ethos and holistic approach to sustainability. 100% of the vintage output is recycled, re-used or re-purposed. Nurturing the environment that provide healthy grapes ready for harvest year after year.

The Y Series Sangiovese Rosé 

 The Y Series Sangiovese Rosé is made from the classic Italian variety. This light, bright and dry Rosé leaps from the glass with floral and berry aromatics.

A vibrant watermelon pink in colour. Red fruit aromas of cherry, raspberry, strawberries, and cream with a hint of fuchsia. The bright, luscious palate with pomegranate and cranberry flavours is completed by a refreshing citrus finish.

Delicious with Parma ham and melon, Thai-style corn fritters with a sweet chilli dipping sauce or a slow roast pork shoulder served with an Asian style coleslaw.

The Y Series Sangiovese Rosé label depicts the dragonfly. Dragonflies are a sign of a healthy environment and represent our plantings of native flowering shrubs throughout our vineyards to encourage insects that eradicate pests and to reduce pesticides.

Y Series Merlot 

This enticing and youthful Merlot will light up the room with its jovial presence. Fresh and bright, it displays fresh plum, mulberry and violet aromatics with beautiful, long tannins. Strong notes of fresh, ripe figs, strawberries and boysenberries burst from the glass combined with an attractive cool mint lift. The palate is generous, round and succulent. Soft tannins glide over the mid palate which shows lovely synergy with a burst of fruit and hints of exotic spices.

A real Sunday afternoon wine. Perfect with a slow cooked cassoulet or chickpeas, garlic, spinach and red onion pasta dish or enjoy with a roast leg of lamb or a beef casserole, roast chicken or tomato-based pasta dishes.

The Y Series Merlot label depicts the ground cover in and around the vineyard. Cover crops are grown between vine rows to protect the soil, prevent erosion, suppress weeds, provide nutrition to the vines and reduce temperature during warmer months. 

Prices, availability and my detailed tasting notes

These wines are all very well made, reliable and sophisticated beyond their price point.

Y Series Riesling 2021 (£8.50, Sainsbury’s)

green apple and fresh herbs; white stone fruits, fresh, zippy tropical fruits, lemon, pineapple and zippy lime, grapefruit, aromatic hoppiness and a savoury persistence.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

A versatile food wine match with roast pork with fennel, meaty white fish with herbs or creamy curries.

Y Series Viognier 2021 (£7.50, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Majestic)

white flowers, white pepper and stone fruit; waxy yet crisp with peach, apricot and pineapple fruit, some grapefruit and lemon pitch; honeysuckle and minerality with good, savoury underpinnings.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Match with spicy and rich dishes such as a Sri Lankan vegetable or chicken curry.

The Y Series Sangiovese Rosé 2021 (£7.50, Wine Society, from Easter and also available in the ‘Easter Wine Without Fuss’ case)

delicate redcurrant fruit; juicy, refreshing soft red berries, full and supple with saline minerality and some leesy savouriness; well made with good underpinnings.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Match with picnic foods, mezze or anti-pasti.

Y Series Merlot 2019 ( £8.00, Tesco, Majestic)

plummy fruit, violets and coffee grounds; ripe, juicy berry fruits with spice, coffee grounds and refreshing acidity.

Well made and thoroughly enjoyable.

Fresh enough to match with picnic or barbecue foods, mixed starters or red-meat stews and roasts.

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