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Sunday, 13 March 2022

Is This It? Hungarian Pinot Blanc from The Co-op

Is This It? A Pinot Blanc from Hungary via The Co-op

Can't you see I'm trying? I don't even like it
I just lied to get to your apartment
Now I'm staying there just for a while
I can't think 'cause I'm just way too tired

- The Strokes, Is This It? (2001)

I cannot lie, a Hungarian wine that references one of the greatest albums of the 21st century, if not of all time, got my interest.

Budapest was one of the later great eastern European capitals to smarten up; Vienna had always been beautiful, if somewhat sleepy, and Prague, full of scruffy backpackers followed by braying stag-dos, seemed to improve continuously before your eyes but Budapest took another decade-or-so to get with the programme and reveal its charms.

In the early '00s, it was still all Socialist faded glamour, but by the end of the new century's first decade it had some become attractive and vibrant, with a sophisticated, cosmopolitan feel and a newly burnished hedonistic, hipster vibe.

The same, to an extent, is true of Hungarian wines; our local MD at the advertising agency that I used to drop in on periodically twenty-odd years ago could always be relied on to find a good restaurant with an impressive wine list, but these were pioneering exceptions more than the rule.

These days, the Hungarian wine scene is more of a movement and more confident, with plenty of good wines and some that are rather better than that.

This Pinot Blanc from The Co-op fits firmly into the well-made, inexpensive and enjoyable category. Elegant more than complex, it is a perfect everyday wine; an easy sipper for when the weather is good, a barbecue or party wine if you want something easy-drinking and well made with broad appeal or an aperitif / starters wine.

It is also good value even at the list price, before special-offer discounts.

For more on discovering Hungary, see this from Lonely Planet: Hit the road for the best experiences in Hungary – Lonely Planet

Is This It? Pinot Blanc (£6.50, The Co-op)

arestrained nose of citrus and florality; fresh conference pear and green apple, citrus, white flowers and a touch of white pepper; good linear acidity and minerality; well-made, very adept and elegant.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Drink as a summer sipper or with light starters, such as mozzarella, scallops or chicken salad.

Special offer details 

Reduced to £5.50 from £6.50 from 16 March – 05 April 2022.

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