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Friday 23 October 2015

Two Madeiras In Madeira

Two Madeiras - from Blandy's and D'Oliveiras

On holiday in Madeira, we decided to try the local stuff. Miles is a brand owned by the Blandy empire; D'Oliveiras specialises in buying up old stocks but releases the wines in its own name.

Miles Seco (around €6) a brand now owned by Blandy's; golden sandy yellow, fragrant; classic cooked Madeira aromas and freshness, spirit slightly dominates. A pleasant entry-level Madeira.

D'Oliveiras Medium Dry (around €8) mahogany topaz, fragrant and complex, intense roasted nuts and spices with sweet-freshness. Long and assertive. Very Good.

Match with roasted almonds, olives, bread with olive oil and cheese. Preferably with a sunset view over Funchal from Palheiro Estate.
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