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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Croft Pink Port

Croft Pink; a rosé port from Croft
I must admit, I had some reservations about a pink port; the idea of a sweet rosé port suggests the potential for something rather one-dimensional, like white chocolate or boiled sweets.

Actually, what's there is good and relatively nuanced - soft, ripe red fruits, some porty-eucalyptus and sweet-strength.

At room temperature on a winter's eve, it feels to be lacking a bit of the contrast one associates with port - but as a pleasant, uncomplicated after-dinner sipper it works.

Chilled, on a hot lazy summer's eve, it could be just the thing; which is how The Wine Gang's David Williams suggests serving it when making it his Wine of the Week in the Guardian.

Croft also suggest trying it in a cocktail - the recipe below will add the sharp bitterness of more conventional styles of port:

- 9cl chilled Croft Pink
- 12cl Champagne or Prosecco
- 1.5cl Cointreau
- 2 dashes of bitters

£11.99 from Co-Op, Selfridges, Majestic; provided for review.

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