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Tuesday 20 November 2012

Justerini & Brooks Loire and Rhone tasting‏

The name alone, Justerini and Brooks, has an aristocratic ring - even before you get to the Royal Warrant. Established in 1749, it has a whiff of Old School and Old Money, of composure, sophistication and elegance.

Appropriately then, the tasting was in the panelled, high ceiling-ed surrounds of Vintners Hall in the City.

It being on my way home, I was able to drop in briefly before getting the train back to Cambridge.

In general, the wines were .... well, to say good does them a disservice; they were classical, assured and sophisticated, with a somewhat timeless feel. And expensive, too.

Their grandeur embodied the ethos of aristocracy and owed nothing to mere bourgeois aspirations.

These are wines to fall quietly in love with then - they are not attention-grabbing young turks, but graceful debutantes, accomplished hostesses and elegant dowagers

I started with the Loire whites - prices are per case of 12 In Bond.

Francois Cotat, Sancerre Caillotes, 2011 (£200) ripe fruit, soft texture, very good persistence

Vincent Pinard Sancerre Harmonie, 2010 (£220) ripe fruit, soft full texture, zesty pithiness

Lucien Crochet Sancerre, le Chene, 2010 (£210) ripe melon fruit, good aromatics, mouthfilling, precise, good depth and rounded acidity

Domaine De La Taille aux Loups Vouvray, Clos de Venise, 2011 (£190) minerally, poised, pure and focused, with balanced fleshy ripeness

For the Rhone, I concentrated on the north.

Domaine Etienne Pochon, Crozes Hermitage Chateau Curson, 2011 (£130) ripe elderberry fruit, vanilla spice - feels soft and easy drinking even now. Very competent.

Andre Perret Condrieu, Coteau de Chery, 2011 (£300) soft texture, peachy and ripe

St Joseph, Les Grisieres, 2011 (£180) soft, ripe, perfumey and mouthfilling. Balanced and elegant.

Francois Villard Condrieu Le Grand Vallon 2011 (£300) from an east-facing vineyard, this has a complex freshness that I really like; flintsmoke and zestiness on the nose, pure linear acidity, zesty and poised. Very Good.

Cote Rotie, Le Gallet Blanc, 2011 (TBC) good ripe fruit, well balanced, perfectly ripe tannins

Clusel-Roch Condrieu 2011 (£295) ripe tropical fruit acidity and zesty pithiness

Cote Rotie, Petite Feuille (£240) musky, feral nose, dark fruit and muskiness on the palate, long and ripe with a sour-cherry rasp

Rene Rostaing Condrieu La Bonette, 2011 (£395) freshness on the nose, mouthfilling and peachy, good savoury underpinnings with good zesty pithiness

Cote-Rotie Ampodium (£355) sour cherry rasp and long on the palate. Chianti-esque.

Bernard Burgaud Hermitage Le Greal 2011 (£385 for 6) complex with ripe fruit, vanilla sweetness, smokey earthiness and a pleasantly sour rasp. Very Good Indeed.

Domaine du Coulet Cornas Brisse Cailloux, 2011 (£240) herbaceous aromas, complex dark fruit, musky with lots of sour cherry acidity, vanilla sweetness and loooo-ong finish. Very Good Indeed.

Cornas Billes Noires, 2011 (£460) a step-up from the Brisse Cailloux; same profile but even greater complexity, balance and poise. Very Good Indeed - and then some.

Recommended Wines

Loire - the Domaine De La Taille aux Loups Vouvray, Clos de Venise for its poise and minerality

Rhone, white - Francois Villard Condrieu Le Grand Vallon 2011 for its freshness and linearity

Rhone, red - Cornas Billes Noires, 2011 for its mix of intensity, complexity and elegance

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