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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lourensford Chardonnay 2010, South Africa

According to its website, Lourensford Estate dates back to 1700 and is a magnificent estate nestled in the fertile bowl of the Helderberg Mountains. It is arguably one of the most beautiful wine estates in the world; steeped in history and heritage, the estate also boasts an ultra-modern winery utilising technology unique in the Southern Hemisphere - or so the website claims anyway.

As to the wine, on opening, it is a pale gold in the glass with greenish hints.The nose shows some zesty, tropical aromas and toastiness straight out of the bottle.

On the palate, it feels buttery with fresh acidity and some tannic buzz - there is some mid-palate sweetness and quite a long finish.

However, overall it feels a little clumsy and lacking in finesse in a way that I can't put my finger on but which is like an overgrown teenager making its presence felt in a room full of adults.

Re-sealed and left to sit quietly for a few days in its bedroom, on re-sampling it seems to have matured into something rather more acceptable in polite company.

The nose now shows aromas of pear drops and there is ripe sweet pear and tropical fruit on the palate, as well as a touch of butterscotch; it feels rounded, mouthfilling and much more harmonious with, again, that long finish.

Match with plain roast chicken, white fish, pasta in a creamy sauce or cheese.

£8.49 from Rhythm & Booze, Eynsham Cellars, Beaconsfield Wine Cellars; provided for review.


Lourensford - http://www.lourensford.co.za/
Rhythm & Booze - http://www.rhythmandbooze.co.uk/
Eynsham Cellars - http://www.eynshamcellars.com/
Beaconsfield Wine Cellars - http://beaconsfieldwinecellars.com/

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