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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Final d'Arry's Tasting Event - Competition Winners' Evening

A collection of photos taken by Jean-Luc Benazet at the Competition Winners' evening at Cambridge gastropub d'Arry's, earlier this week.

The competition was run by Cambridgeshire Journal with a first prize of free tickets to the event plus a d'Arry's Cambridge case of d'Arenberg wines, with runners-up prizes of a pair of tickets for entry.

Also present was Judith Gaskill who runs Cambridge PR and does d'Arry's PR.

Yours truly holding forth

Demonstrating the basics of tasting
Cheese boards to accompany the wines
Enthusiastic sniffing and swirling
Getting the hang of it now
d'Arry's from the outside
First prize includes a d'Arry's Cambridge case
Fish-eye effect; nice
For more on the d'Arry's events, see here and here.

For my review of d'Arry's, see here.


d'Arry's - http://www.darrys.co.uk/
d'Arenberg - http://www.darenberg.com.au/
Jean-Luc Benazet photography - http://www.jeanlucbenazet.com/
Cambridgeshire Journal - http://www.style-magazine.com/cambridgeshire_journal/home.asp
Cambridge PR - http://www.cambridgepr.biz/

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