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Saturday, 12 February 2022

Two South African Wines from The Co-op

Two South African wines from the Co-op

These two Co-op Fairtrade wine are on special offer from 23 February to 15 March 2022 inclusive, and reduced from their quoted prices below.

South Africa does not have a problem with ripeness; a warm country with plenty of sunshine, it never struggles to ripen grapes.

Rather, the challenge is more in maintaining freshness, even more so the further you get from the moderating sea breezes of coastal areas.

At the lower end of the price range, this means you get plenty of warmth and sunshine in the glass. If, as here, the wines are well-enough made, expect them to be full and expressive. And best matched with hearty foods.

Stylistically, they are as mainstream and familiar as you would expect.

Co-op and Fairtrade

Both these wines are Fairtrade and Co-op is the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade Wine, continuing to champion Fairtrade producers to ensure they’re paid a fair wage. Stocking 57 Fairtrade wines in total, in 2020 Co-op sold 14.5million litres of Fairtrade wine.

The premium wines from Co-op sales have helped to build a school and a secure water supply in Tilimuqui, to name but a few, and Co-op continues to work with suppliers and producers to help them gain Fairtrade accreditation.

So easy to enjoy, inexpensive and does good.

What's not to like?

Weather Man Sauvignon Blanc (£6.50)

kiwi lookalike

expressive kiwi-style pungent aromatics with guava, passionfruit and lemongrass; fresh citrus and lime zest, tropical fruits and gentle tannins. Harmonious and fault free.

Thoroughly pleasant.

Will stand up to strongly-flavoured foods; think creamy curries, grilled mackerel with garlic or hot dogs with relish. In warmer weather, it will work with barbecues or picnics.

Bruce Jack Shiraz (£7.25)

porty - in a good way

expressive with lifted dark fruits, leathery-earthy oaky spice and herbaceous minty eucalyptus; sweet, ripe plum, blueberry and dark berry fruit with cassis, oak, cocoa and black pepper. Supple and harmonious.

Thoroughly pleasant.

Match with strongly flavoured red-meat dishes such as burgers, sausages with relish or, chilled, with a rogan josh curry.

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