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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Hardy's Voyage

Sunshine in a glass from Hardy's - at The Co-op

The New World can sometimes be something of a misnomer; Australia's Hardy's dates back to 1853 - two years before the famous Bordeaux classification of 1855, for example.

"New World" is perhaps more a style or even a mindset than an indication of vineyard age or geographic location.

These two Hardy's wines are resolutely New World and modern in style - clean, fruit-forward, ripe and expressive. More nose than palate, sunshine in a glass.

With so much ripeness and warmth, they are good for summer barbecues or winter stews. Screw-capped, they are also suitable for picnics for a general audience.

Chardonnay / Pinot Grigio (£7.25, reduced to £5.25 to 16 July) floral and honeyed with citrus, melon fruit, sweet spice and minerality.

Match with herby roast chicken or griddled calimari.

Shiraz / Mourvedre (£7.25, reduced to £5.25 to 16 July) sweet, ripe, slightly jammy dark fruits with licorice, eucalyptus and spice; smooth, ripe tannins, fruit-forward warming and porty.

Match with a rich beef stew or a spicy merguez with relish.

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