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Sunday 7 February 2016

Bouvet Rubis NV - Majestic

A sparkling red Loire from Bouvet-Ladubay, available at Majestic

What to make of an off-dry, NV, traditional-method sparkling red from the Loire?

It's certainly a novel idea. And also a very good one.

If it takes some getting used to initially, by the second or third glass, it all makes sense.

Oddly, my reference point for this Cab Franc fizz is northern Italy, with its red vermouths and Lambrusco.

Fizzy, red and striking, it would make for a more imaginative Valentine's Day wine.

Bouvet Rubis NV Loire, £13.49 (Majestic)  Rasping cherry and wild raspberry fruit, green herbs and spicy-savouriness. Off-dry with a fresh finish.

Match with duck breast or venison steak.

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