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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Leftfield Wines From Marks & Spencers

Two unfamiliar whites from Marks & Spencer, recommended by Elizabeth Kelly

The nation's favourite underwear provider may seem an odd choice for leftfield wines - M&S is a bastion of all things safe and sensible, surely?

But sometimes it's good to spice things up a bit and try something different - this applies as much in the wine aisle as anywhere else you might care to think of.

Leftfield wines are not so much out-of-fashion-classics or alternatives-to-the-classic, as wines you perhaps didn't even know existed.

These two are both light, fresh and under a tenner, thereby demonstrating that a walk on the wild side need not involve any undue discomfort - for either your palate or your wallet.

Mesta Organic Old Vine Airén+ (£8) one of the world’s most planted (and blandest) white grapes, Spain’s Airén may seem an odd candidate for a leftfield wine but is rarely seen over here. This wine is given a bit of a boost with some gentle oaking and old-vine grapes; fresh pleasant and lemony, it is a perfect aperitif or picnic wine and develops some more complexity with aeration.

Savoie Blanc “Coeur Terroir” 2014 (£9) a blend of Jaquere, Chasselas and Altesse from Savoie, all you need to know is that it’s a pretty yet surprisingly substantial, Alpine floral white with sweet spice and fresh white stone fruit.

Elegant, delicate and focused, it is a lovely sipper or can match with creamy pasta or Alpine cheeses.

While the Airén needs its old-vine/gentle-oaking support, the Savoie is a natural beauty.

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