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Friday 13 September 2013

Mr Trotter's Great British Chestnut Ale

Inspired by a pre-hop age when brewers would add all sorts of seasonal ingredients to spice up their brews, Mr Trotter's Great British Chestnut Ale uses roasted chestnuts for a nutty creaminess and is the only chestnut beer to be brewed and bottled in the UK.

This all rather reminds me of a university housemate who made his own coffee oatmeal stout, but perhaps the less said about that particular experiment the better.

Autumnal copper-brown in the glass, there are warming aromas of roasted sweet chestnuts and freshly-baked bread.

Sweet roasted chestnuts, maltiness and honeyed, warming spice on the palate give way to sharp, hoppy grapefruit and a pleasing, food-friendly bitterness on the finish.

Match with pies, rustic pates, autumnal stews or roast beef - or a couple of bags of Mr Trotter pork crackling.

Priced at £2.45 per 50cl bottle or £26.10 for a case of 8 from Selfridges, Booth's, farm shops and delis; provided for review.

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