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Sunday 10 May 2020

The CWB MW Rosé-off

Comparing and contrasting French and Spanish rosés: Foncalieu Paradis Secret vs M&S Raso de la Cruz

Another Thursday under lockdown, another MW support session.

With the mercury rising, we tasted two rosés; France vs Spain.

It seems odd to define a wine by its colour, yet rosé is "rosé". It is not "Bordeaux" or "Syrah", even if it comes from Bordeaux or is made from Syrah.

Rosé is on a roll, increasing sales every year and often commanding a price premium. Pale pink is the most popular style and it is has created something of a boom-loop; higher sales at decent margins provide cashflow and allow for packaging innovations which make the category more vibrant and popular - especially for the Instagram generation who need a constant supply of attractive pictures to post.

With the acidity of a white wine and some of the tannins of a red, it is a versatile style that works well with a range of foods.

What's not to like?

Paradis Secret, Languedoc Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah; very pale and elegant with white stone fruits, citrus and some red-berry fruit; white pepper, florality, zippy lime and grapefruit.

Precise and linear with saline minerality.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Raso de la Cruz, Spain (£7, M&S) darker and fuller with more red-berry fruit, less aromatic, elegant and harmonious.

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Drink either of these as garden sippers, picnic wines or with mixed starters.

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