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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Foncalieu Pays d'Oc Extraordinaires Sillages Albariño

A Portuguese grape doing well in France's Languedoc from Vignobles Foncalieu

I've tried Foncalieu's southern French wines on a number of occasions and always been impressed with the sensible balance they strike between the competing demands of expressiveness vs elegance and quality vs price.

This Languedoc white is a great start-of-autumn wine - yes, it's white, but unlike its Portuguese equivalent, Vinho Verde, it's big enough to stand up to comforting, early-autumn foods such as creamy pasta with mushrooms.

Foncalieu Pays d'Oc Extraordinaires Sillages Albariño 2016 ripe orchard fruits, citrus, florality and sweet spices with southern warmth and substance. Saline, mineral and elegant.


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