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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

En Passant - Domaine Gayda

Two new wines from Domaine Gayda

En Passant

ɒ̃ paˈsɑːnt,ɒ̃ ˈpasɒ̃/

1. by the way; incidentally.

Languedoc's Domaine Gayda make ripe, fruited and well-structured wines with elegance and a southern warmth. These two En Passant wines are no exception.

The blanc is a somewhat unusual Languedoc blend of Macabeu and Viognier; the rouge is a more-customary mix of Syrah and Carignan.

En Passant Blanc 2016 big-yet-zippy white with ripe yellow stone fruits, sweet spice, zippy lim ezest and southern warmth; fresh, mineral and savoury.


Match with scallops, meaty white fish or pork.

En Passant Rouge 2015 expressive spicy red with bramble fruits, balsamic and gamey spiciness; fresh, with good underpinnings.


Match with darker game.

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