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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Shabo "Shabskiy" 4

A cognac from Ukraine's Shabo

Ukraine's best oenological products are generally its brandies; this Shabo "Shabskiy" cognac has something of an unfortunate Boaty McBoatface ring to its name.

Konyak "Shabskiy" 4 cooked mixed fruit, sweet spices, freshness and a warming substance, albeit with a touch of nail polish.

Like much from Eastern Europe, it is somehow more immediate and vibrant than what we have become used to in middle-class northern Europe - and, not having lost its rough edges, is all the better for it.

A characterful and assertive brandy that makes its presence felt; thoroughly enjoyable.

To test a personal, theory, I tried it with some Green and Black's and found it a refreshing palate cleanser that matched well with the chocolate.

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