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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Barbadillo PX NV

A rich Pedro Ximénez from Barbadillo

Known as PX, Pedro Ximénez is typically used in small doses to sweeten dark sherries by balancing out the roasted-nuts-and-spices bitterness that develop with age.

In its purest form, PX is incredibly gloopy and sweet, so needs plenty of fresh acidity to retain balance. It works well with Christmassy treats, such as mince pies or Christmas pudding as there is little it won't stand up to.

Barbadillo Pedro Xímenez PX as rich, dark and treacly as Christmas pudding; raisins and figs with a slug of fiery Christmas spirit.

A bit rich on its own, so pour over vanilla ice-cream or match with the sweetest of Christmas food.

Barbadillo Pedro Xímenez PX, £13.49 per 75cl bottle; available from independents, including Cambridge Wine Merchants.

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