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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Greek Drama - Nico Lazaridi

Greece is one of the world's oldest wine countries and gave us our word for wine from οἶνος (oinos). Its northern regions of Drama and Kavala, however, have only a very recent history of wine-making; the Nico Lazaridi winery dates back to just 1987.
These two Lazaridi wines were provided by The Greek Deli in Stevenage who supply, amongst others, The Olive Grove restaurant in Cambridge.
The Queen of Hearts 2013, Assyrtiko, SB, Muscat a blend of mineral, aromatic and floral varieties, it tastes, well ... mineral, aromatic and floral. Poised, Sancerre-esque nose, ripe white orchard and stone fruits, some herbaceous notes, mouthwatering citrus, minerality, linear acidity and a long, persistent finish.
Modern, well-structured, refreshing and harmonious with an Old-World elegance. Good.
The Black Sheep 2012, Syrah Merlot dark plummy red, Merlot nose of plums, coffee grounds and woodsiness. Plummy fruit, liquorice, violets and sweet vanilla spice. Soft, custardy texture, a touch of salinity, fresh acidity and good savoury underpinnings. Perfectly-ripe tannins and a persistent finish.
Deft, well-balanced and serious-yet-enjoyable. Very Good.
With its matinee idol good looks matched to technical competence, it is a Leonardo DiCaprio of a wine. By day three, however, it has acquired the precise focus and flavour profile of a baby-Pomerol.
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