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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Taylor's LBV Port 2007

Late Bottled Vintage is the premium economy of ports - wine from a single year (hence "vintage"), it is aged in barrel for an extended period (i.e. late-bottled) before filtering and bottling and is therefore ready for drinking sooner than vintage port which needs several decades to reach a peak.

This Taylor's LBV from 2007 is dark purple in the glass and has a classic "port nose" of eucalyptus, red fruits and spice, with the cooked-fruit aromas of spirit.

On the palate, it is warming, soft and mouthfilling with more eucalyptus, bitter dark chocolate, cranberry fruit, peppery spice and a savoury, liquorice finish.

It feels harmonious but still has a youthful vibrancy. As a lovely everyday port, it is appropriately priced at around £14.99.

Almost a dessert in itself, it will match with fine dark chocolate and a small espresso, or a chocolate pot with red berries.

Widely available including Tanners, slurp,  Majestic and Tesco; provided for review.

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