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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Phoenix Wine Agencies at Boutique Wineries Tasting

As I have written earlier, our process of choosing is often opaque, non-rational and influenced by sub-conscious factors that we are barely aware of.

In this case, my decision to try some of Phoenix Wine Agencies' wines and chat with Director Howard Jones at the recent Boutique Wineries Tasting in London was prompted by the somewhat random fact that he is based in Oswestry where I have friends who, when not running a garage door business, are also wine enthusiasts.

Mark - he looks like he could do with a
decent glass of wine, doesn't he ?
So Mark and Irina, this is for you.

We started with an unoaked white Rioja from Martinez Lacuesta. Called simply Blanca 2010, it was fresh and toasty with a flinty nose, elderflower and crisp white peach fruit, whilst the finish is long.

The more traditional oaked white Rioja, the Blanco Fermentado Barrica 2009, adds to this aromas of vanilla and sherbert, with a mouthfilling creaminess.

I then tried a Villa Giada "Suri" Blanco 2010 from Piedmonte. A mixture of Cortese, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, it was toasty, fresh and aromatic.

I have reviewed the Suri Barbera d'Asti before and on this occasion, it showed lots of cherry fruit and liquorice.

To finish, something rather unusual - a Vermouth from Martinez Lacuesta.

Much more associated with the cities of north west Italy, and especially Turin, it is many years since I last tried a Vermouth; nonetheless, this one was very good indeed, with a pleasant, rich sweetness and balanced botanical bitterness.

Recommended wine

The best table wine here was the Blanco (£8.99), but the one I enjoyed the most was the Vermouth Reserva NV (£14.99 half bottle, also available at Cambridge's Bacchanalia).


Phoenix Wine - http://www.phoenixwine.co.uk/
Boutique Wineries - http://www.boutique-wineries.co.uk/
Bacchanalia - http://www.winegod.co.uk/

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