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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Andresen Port LBV 1997

I don't quite remember the exact origins of this particular bottle of Andresen LBV port, but it was bottled in 2002 and given to me around that time as a present with the advice to stash it away for a good few years before drinking.

One evening recently, having run out of dessert wines, I decided the time had come to open it up.

We sampled it that evening and decided it was delicious and should be consumed sparingly over a couple of weeks rather than, say, all at once.

For those interested in the effects of air on wines, this review is based on a tasting some time between 4-8 weeks after initial opening; it was stored at room temperature during a mild Cambridge late summer (the current heatwave aside), resealed with the cork it came with and has not been at any time decanted, despite a fairly hefty sediment.

In the glass it is a dark brick-red colour with a fading rim.

It has a lovely intense, complex nose of dark cherries, lots of eucalyptus, vanilla, spice, ground coffee and cooked mixed fruit - powerful yet poised and not too primary.

It feels harmonious with the differing elements still part-way through the process of integrating and having their own separate, albeit overlapping identities.

The palate is rounded, sweet and soft, with more black cherries, dark berry and prune fruit and some sweet vanilla.

On the finish there are darker notes of coffee, dark chocolate, tobacco and cloves along with a touch of smooth tannic grip.

The acidity is rounded and complex - subdued at first and becoming more noticeable on the mid-palate, just before the more bitter elements kick in.

It has a Gold Medal from Brussels which it thoroughly deserves; it is a wonderful, delicious wine - a strong, outgoing personality with a great balance of acidity and bitterness to match the complex fruit sweetness.

A very delicious wine and just perfect for autumn.


Andresen - http://www.jhandresen.com/

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