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Friday, 24 July 2020

Cimarosa South African Pinotage, Lidl

An enjoyable, inexpensive Saffer Pinotage from Lidl - and some behavioural economics

There are two good reasons to buy this South African Pinotage from Lidl:

- it's thoroughly enjoyable
- it is inexpensive and very good value

There is one really good reason to buy it now:

- South African wineries are currently dependent on exports for income, so if you ever want to drink South African again, buying a bottle or two now might just help the industry survive for another growing season.

Remember the toilet roll and flour shortages of a few months ago? It turns out the panic-buying hoarders weren't the problem at all. No, it was everyone else buying a little more "just in case" who caused the problem.

Right now, for South Africa, running out of wine stocks to sell would be classed as a good problem to have. But in any case, the point is this; if a whole load of us just buy a bit more South African wine, the effect will be much greater than a few people buying loads.

So, how about you replace just one of your other wines with a Saffer this weekend and suggest to a few friends that they do the same?

Between us all, with just a few bottles of wine bought per person but lots of us doing it, we can help ensure there are lovely South African wines to enjoy next year and for many to come.

Cimarosa South African Pinotage 2018 (£3.99, Lidl) smokey with juicy dark-berry fruits, cassis and spice; fresh, savoury and harmonious with supple, rounded and well-integrated tannins. Improves with some aeration.

Thoroughly enjoyable and Very Good Value.

A perfect barbecue wine, match with sausages and burgers.

It has 86 Bampfield points plus gongs from Decanter and the IWSC; all this for under £4! And you get a cute giraffe on the label - what's not to love?

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