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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Two Vinho Verde Wines for Summer

Two vinhos verdes from The Wine Society

Zippy, fresh and uncomplicated, Portugal's Vinho Verde is mostly inexpensive, sometimes petillant and in any event a summery wine to quaff young; the name translates as "green wine" and refers to youthfulness rather than colour.

These two examples, however, are a little more ambitious.

Adega de Monçao, Deu La Deu (£11.50, The Wine Society) pale sandy yellow, honeysuckle on the nose, citrussy and sweet-sour, reminiscent of a Mosel Riesling (and packaged like one, too). Elegant and long with a persistent finish.

Soalheiro Vinho Verde, 2013 (£14.95, The Wine Society and independents) 100% Alvarinho, complex, mineral and herbaceous nose; mouthwateringly lemony and sweet-sour with ripe, peachy stone fruit, length, complexity and a minerally finish.

Refreshing enough to drink alone, will also match with meaty fish, creamy pasta or white meat.

My only slight reservation - and it's common to with both wines actually - is a slight shortness of the acidity - I've tasted both previously and don't recall it, so this may simply be a bit of vintage variation.

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