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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tellin' Stories: Quinta da Leda Vertical

Quinta da Leda vertical tasting

The Quinta da Leda vineyard in the Douro dates back to just 1979 and has produced dedicated table wines since 1997.

Originally 25ha, it has increased to 160ha of native varieties; winemaker Luis Sottomayor assembled a collection of vintages, each with a story to tell, an event to mark.

The overriding characteristic of all these wines is substance; they are all assertive, intense and concentrated. They are very much food wines.
1997 - where it all began: the first ever vintage, only 7,000 bottles produced
Aged nose with red fruits, rather dried out, sweet spice, supple tannins and fresh acidity, still grippy.

2001 - a new hope: the first vintage at the new winery facility
Earthy, funky-sulphurous nose; ripe red and black cherry fruit, sweet spice, fresh acidity and plump texture.Grippy.

2004 - all grown up now: the first year with fully mature new vines
Earthy nose, ripe cherry and berry fruits, sweet spice; plump, full and supple. Assertive finish.

2007 - the year of me: Luis Sottomayor's first full vintage
Earthy nose, ripe berry fruits, peppery spice, fresh acidity, fine firm tannins, supple and full.

2011 - a declaration: the most recent widely "declared" year for port in the Douro
Understated nose, ripe, soft, supple and full; substantial, long and concentrated with a firm finish.

2013 - modern cool: the current vintage, a cooler year resulting in a lighter, fresher wine
Dark berry fruit and sweet spice, fresh, intense, concentrated and grippy

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