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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Loeb 2015 Riesling Primeurs

A tasting of Loeb's 2015 Rieslings - and a couple of museum pieces

2015 was a good year for German Rieslings, with Loeb's press release describing it as exceptional.

On the basis of the wines I tried, I can't disagree - even if it's true that life's too short for a German wine label.

Cuvee Boogie crisp, fresh, precise, floral and mineral. A lovely easy drinker. Good.

Willi Haag
Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Spaetlese fresh, vibrant sherbet-ey, zippy and full. Very Good.

Dr H Thanisch-Sofia Thanish
Berncasteler Doctor Kabinett rich, ripe succulent honeysuckle with candied pineapple fruit and sweet spices; long and very adept. Very Good.

Daniel Vollenweider
Wolfergoldgrube Kabinett rich, ripe fresh with complex dried pineapple, minerality and sweet spice. Very Good.
There was also a couple of older wines to show what these young beauties will mature into.

Sybille Kuntz
Dreistern Riesling Gold Kapsel 2003 kerosene nose, rich and honeyed, cry complex and adept. Very Good.
Riesling Scharz 2007 younger, fresher, more floral and spicy. Very Good.
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