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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Cálem White & Dry Port

Cálem White & Dry Port and Tonic - available at Amathus

I don't often do cocktails  - the best have a complexity and balance, but can be hard to finesse at home or may require an extensive list of mixologist's ingredients.

The recipe for this port and tonic cocktail is not only mercifully simple, but one does not need to be too precise with the quantities.

Served neat, the White and Dry is pale yet full-bodied and rounded with tropical citrus fruit.

The recipe adds an aromatic florality and bitter sweetness that resembles the traditional sweet port and tonic of Oporto.

- 50cl port
- 10cl elderflower cordial
- top up with tonic water
- serve with sliced pink grapefruit

Serve as an aperitif or drink with picnic food on a hot summer's day.

£12.90, provided for review.

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