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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Chateau La Rose Saint Bonnet, Medoc, 2009 - Laithwaites‏

"This means nothing to me" - Vienna, Ultravox, 1981

This Laithwaites red Bordeaux has been chosen by the Association of Wine Educators for the Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux campaign.

I've had a number of these GFWCB campaign wines before and although I love Bordeaux, when I saw it was a Laithwaite's wine and 14% alcohol, my heart sank a little.

At just three years old, it already shows signs of age in the glass - with some brick-red hints and paleness around the rim.

There is a ripe, expressive nose of sweet dark fruits, spice, liquorice and leather with some hints of coffee.

On the palate, there are lots more aromas and rounded, juicy acidity with cooked - somewhat stewed, in fact - dark cherries and elderberries, but for me it is lacking in textural interest.

With air, a pleasant mintiness develops and it has a reasonably good, persistent finish albeit with some rather drying grip. It's also a little hot and alcoholic - a common issue with Laithwaites wines, I find.

Overall, then quite pleasant, even with some hints of greatness, but not especially classy and a little rough around the edges.

Sort of what one expects generally of a Laithwaites wine; crowd-pleasing but not technically very well-made and somewhat overpriced.

I opened this at work and it proved popular with colleagues, but that's a bit like a song getting to #1 vs one that stands the test of time.

So, if you are the kind of person that prefers Joe Dolce's chart-topping chirpy ditty "Shaddap You Face" to the arty synthpop classic "Vienna" by Ultravox (kept off the top spot by said Mr Dolce), then this could be your type of wine.

£9.99 from Laithwaites; provided for review.


Laithwaites - http://www.laithwaites.co.uk/
Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux - http://www.goodfoodwouldchoosebordeaux.com/
Association of Wine Educators - http://www.wineeducators.com/

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