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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Crus Bourgeois 2011

A review of six 2011 Crus Bourgeois Bordeaux

Crus Bourgeois are the affordable middle rung of Bordeaux wines - the solid middle ground of good, well-balanced and well-textured claret from the Medoc.

With prices for classed growths often commanding silly money, these are affordable-yet-serious wines for the classic enthusiast.

These wines from 2011 all show a well-balanced freshness with good structure. The best add to this a Nigella-esque plumply curvaceous flirtatiousness with a focused assertivess.

2011 was not an easy year in Bordeaux - cool and wet with hail is no-one's idea of a good vintage, but as the wines below demonstrate, it was by no means a complete wash-out. Cooler temperatures bring a refreshing and assertive focus to the best wines.

Chateau Dillon, Haut-Medoc (N/A) translucent purple, complex nose of bramble fruit, coffee, cigar box and oaky spices; sweet vanilla, cool mint and fresh acidity. Soft, Merlot-based texture with a grippy firmness on the finish.

Chateau Le Pey, Medoc (£12, www.loveyourwine.co.uk) bright translucent purple, plummy tobacco, fresh bramble fruit, good acidity, good grip and firmness; some grippy tannins on the finish.

Chateau Croix du Trale, Haut-Medoc (N/A) bright purple; vanilla, cassis, red fruits and cigar box; sweet ripe fruit, cool mintiness, pencil shavings, fresh acidity, good structure and finish. Good density and concentration. Good.

Chateau Lacour Jacquet, Haut-Medoc (N/A) Dark translucent purple, complex nose of bramble fruits, oakiness and undergrowth; sweet vanilla and cool mint, bramble fruit and savouriness. Balanced, harmonious and long. Perfectly ripe tannins on the finish. Plump yet well-structured and as firmly assertive as a Swedish massueuse. Very Good.

Chateau Les Anguilleys, Medoc (N/A) translucent purple, bramble fruit and oak; ripe fruit, cool mintiness and grippy tannins - persistent finish.

Chateau Doyac, Haut-Medoc (£12, Fine and Rare, Paris Bronze) translucent purple, bramble fruit and cigar box, ripe fruit, capsicum and sweet vanilla. Fresh acidity, good texture and persistent finish.

Wines provided for review.

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