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Monday, 9 November 2015

Reys Cambridge

A late lunch at Reys

Reys is Cambridge's newest eaterie; I couldn't make their opening night event so they invited me to bring the family along for a weekend late lunch.

Housed in a former pub-cum-pizzeria, the makeover that has resulted in Reys completes the transformation of Bene't St from back-end of nowhere to a dining destination in its own right; here you will now find a Jamie's, Cau, Pint Shop, Fitzbillies and Caffe Sicilia.
As befits its neighbourhood, Reys has the distinctiveness of an independent with the reliability of a small chain (the website states that although there is only the one restaurant for now, you never know).

Its signature dish is rotisserie chicken with bbq sauces and with a sensible price-quality-quantity ratio there's nothing here not to like.
A short but well thought-out food and drinks menu make choosing easy; friendly service and talking-point design make it a an enjoyable place to hang out with family or friends.

A welcome addition, then.

We ate:

- avocado on toast with chilli and coriander (*2)
- pulled chicken brioche bun with Asian slaw
- half flame rotisserie chicken with Reys bbq sauce

For the children:

- half a quarterly chicken with bbq sauce
- side of fries
- ice-cream
We drank:

- Coke
- Limonata, Aranciata
- Cider

The bill came to just shy of £60 and we found we didn't need to eat for the rest of the day.

We ate as guests of Reys.

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