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Friday, 9 May 2014

'Winebird's VINALOGY': Launch Party

Winebird Helena Nicklin is the creator of the Vinalogy, an analogy that paints a memorable picture of anything wine related and says PAH to dry facts!

With a blog and YouTube channel under her belt, she is now launching a book; I went along to the party to hang out with the beautiful people of the vinalogy (but frankly, I would pay money to listen to them reciting the phone directory).

Signing in:

A mermaid, a rugby player, an author and a polo player walk into a bar ...

Well hello Malbec! Form an orderly queue ladies - it's men in sporty outfits (and a mermaid - bet she drinks like a fish)

Vinalogy the book: wine basics with a twist

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Winebird - website, twitter, YouTube

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