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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Mateus Expressions 2013

A review of the new Mateus Expressions range from Portugal

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
- Avril Lavigne, Complicated

Many years ago, my 19 year-old self wanted to impress a girl at my northern university, so I cooked her a meal and bought a bottle of wine.

It was a Mateus in that nicely shaped bottle, as I figured that after we'd drunk the wine, it would look good with a candle in it and some wax dripped down the side - a schtick beloved of Italian restaurants of the time and a look I wanted to copy.

I don't think I've ever had a bottle of Mateus in the two-and-a-half decades since and in some ways I'm slightly disappointed that the new Mateus Expressions range comes in high-shouldered Bordeaux bottles with a contemporary sort of label.

The wines themselves - three rosés and a white - are equally modern and pleasing, each a blend of native and international grapes.

Fresh, clean and fruit-forward, there's nothing to be afraid of here - these are light, modern, uncomplicated easy-drinkers.

The range is priced at £7.99 and the descriptions - dry, delicate, fresh, fruity - are a reliable guide to the style.

Overall, a lot less complicated than my teenage relationships; the girl and I went out for a few weeks at the end of which the relationship did not so much implode as spontaneously combust. These have a more pleasant, less dramatic finish.

With their screw-cap tops and easy style, they are ideal summer sippers or picnic wines.

Widely available and priced at £7.99; provided for review.

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