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Friday, 1 March 2013

On Jean-Luc Benazet‏

I've known Jean-Luc Benazet since we sat next to each other for a dinner at The Punter - we talked photography and wine and have been friends ever since, chatting on twitter as well as in the real world.

He has been my freelance photographer of choice for events that I've needed photographing and produces lovely images.

Originally a wedding photographer, he was trusted by newly-annointed Michelin-star chef Mark Poynton to take the photos for Alimentum's website and is now branching out into PR and corporate photography.

To see more of Jean-Luc's work, check out his website - ironically, albeit for obvious reasons, the shot that heads up this piece is not by Jean-Luc but is in fact by Mrs JLB.

Some of my favourites by the man himself are below:

Had to start with this handsome chap

The Olympic torch on the Cam
The Moller Centre
The last ever Pavitt's pie ?

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Jean-Luc Benazet - website, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn

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