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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Monsoon Valley Shiraz and Shiraz Rosé - Thailand

One of the key symptoms of wine geekiness is an insatiable enthusiasm for trying new things - it helps if they are good, too, of course.

These two wines from Thailand's Monsoon Valley scored on both fronts - like most people, I imagine, I associate Thailand more with green curry, dancing and Singha Beer. So it was a revelation to find that the country not only makes wine, but that it is rather good and in a classical, European style.

The PR blurb tells me: Monsoon Valley Wines are award-winning wines made from carefully selected grapes grown at Hua Hin Hills Vineyard in Thailand. The leading new latitude wine is crafted by Siam Winery winemaker

Kathrin Puff and her team, using old world values with new world enthusiasm and state of the art
winemaking equipment.

Monsoon Valley Shiraz 2010

Toasty, spicy nose with vanilla and dark berry fruit - elderberries and black cherries.

Lovely mouthfilling acidity, low in tannins.

Few clues as to its New World origins - it is reminiscent of a Languedoc Syrah.

After a day, the aromas have developed even more - dark fruit, vanilla spice are prominent with a vegetal / slightly sulphurous aroma.

On the palate, it is juicy yet persistent with good length.

It feels light, easy-drinking and elegant - with a soft, smooth texture and very gentle tannins.

What there is here feels very pleasant and technically well made with no rough edges at all. There isn't a lot of tannic structure, but it's just not that type of wine.

Match the dark fruit, juiciness and spice to a slow roast leg of lamb.

Monsoon Valley Shiraz Rosé 2011

Salmon pink in the glass, aromas of red fruits and spice on the nose.

Crisp, precise and linear on the palate with more red berry fruit, hints of spice and good minerality; good aromatics and deftness.

Long palate and persistence on the finish - this is an accomplished food rosé.

Match with European foods such as smoked salmon, summery salads and charcuterie - or maybe with a Thai red curry, too.

Both wines are good and have won awards - personally I slightly prefer the racy style of the rosé.

Both wines available from Fine Wine Sellers priced at £10.99: provided for review.

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