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Monday, 2 April 2012

Arachon T.FX.T‏

It may sound like some over-styled, uber-niche hand-built supercar, but Arachon T.FX.T is actually a joint venture between three Austrian winemakers - Tibor & Illa Szemes, FX Pichler and Manfred Tement.

Their aim was to produce a premium red Austrian wine from both native and international varieties from vineyards around Horitschon in Burgenland.

The winery is a member of Austria's Fine Brands who were presenting the two wines on show at the Annual Tasting of Austrian Wines in London earlier this year.

The a'Kira T.FX.T 2008, another mouthful of a name, is 100% Blaufränkisch from various vineyards around Horitschon.

There is elderberry fruit on the nose whilst the palate shows sweet, dark berry fruit, juicy acidity and vanilla. It is mouthfilling, balanced, harmonious and approachable with a grippy finish.

The Evolution is a red blend whose proportions change every year, but for the 2008 that I tried, the main grape is Blaufränkisch.

With elderberry fruit and sweet, dark spice on the nose, the palate is a complex mix of sweet cherry and bramble fruit, sweet vanilla, roasted spices, bright juicy acidity and minerality.

Rounded and approachable, it has a firm but gentle grip on the finish.

Recommended Wine

Whilst the a'Kira T.FX.T is impressive enough, the Evolution is quite superb.


Arachon T.FX.T - www.arachon.com
Austria's Fine Brands - http://www.austriasfinebrands.com/

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