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Friday, 26 January 2018

An Australia Day Chardonnay From The Co-op

An Aussie Chardonnay for Australia Day from The Co-op

January 26th is Australia Day, so how better to mark it than with a Truly Irresistible Aussie Chardonnay?

Decades ago, Australia shook up the wine world with its bottles of sunshine-in-a-glass; in the inevitable backlash that followed, we all went for zingy kiwi Sauvignon and Australian wines became lean and skinny.

This chardie treads a deft path with plenty of ripe fruit, but also enough zip and not too much oak; an Aussie chardie that has shed the flab and buffed up.

Co-op Irresistible Australian Chardonnay, £6.99 (Australia) ripe peach and stone-fruit with fresh citrus, minerality and some toasty-oaky leesiness and creamy-nuttiness. Deft and adept, very enjoyable and well-made.

Good and Good Value.

Fresh enough for an aperitif, match with starters or roasted white meats.

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