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Monday, 14 November 2016

Sherry Christmas

Harvey's Bristol Cream sherry

On a list of so-out-they're-in things, Cream sherry must be up there with the Milk Tray Man, Old Spice aftershave and vinyl records.

Socio-oneological historians may be intrigued to discover that there were once (lighter) milk sherries and (richer) cream sherries.

Milk sherries were forced to change their name since milk is good for you, so a "milk sherry" implied a misleading health claim. However, as cream is (apparently) an unhealthy indulgence, cream sherries were allowed to remain.

All that aside, this Harvey's Bristol Cream, whilst redolent of 1970s dinner parties, space hoppers and platform boots, is a rich, unctuous sweetie.

Harvey's Bristol Cream (£10, widely available) complex and fragrant nose with roasted spices; raisiny glycerol sweetness, savoury underpinnings and freshness.

Match with mince pies, toffee pecan tart or creme brulee.

And if you are a retro hipster, try these HBC sherry cocktails.

Harveys over orange

50ml Harveys Bristol Cream sherry
Slice of orange
Ice cubes

Pour Harveys Bristol Cream into glass filled with ice.
Garnish with a slice of orange.

Harveys Frosted Apple & Ginger

50ml Harveys Bristol Cream
50ml Apple Juice
Dash of ginger ale
Cinnamon stick
Mint and apple slices to garnish

Fill a glass with ice, Harveys Bristol Cream, apple juice.
Top up with a dash of ginger ale.
Swirl with a cinnamon stick and leave in the glass.
Garnish with a sprig of mint and apple slices.

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